Whistle with Lanyard

Your basic black plastic whistle w/cork pea and matching, swivel, clip color lanyard. Simple, easy... need we say more? Small size High pitch Individually blister carded  

TempaComp Carabiner Combo by Sun Company


TempaComp Carabiner Combo uniquely combines an aluminum carabiner with an accurate thermometer and a luminous sphere compass that is readable at any angle. The compass not only shows the direction of travel but also magnetic north. The solid brass, split...

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HighGear TrailPilot 2


Less is more. The Highgear TrailPilot2 features a digital thermometer, a freeze–resistant analog compass with rotating bezel and an integrated carabiner clip for easy attachment. It is simple, reliable, a classic. The carabiner mounted...

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Suunto A-10 Partner II


The A-10 compass features an anatomically correct base plate that is easy to hold, even for small hands. Also a new snap-action removable lanyard adds to the standard features of a liquid filled dial, self-cleaning capsule bearing, luminous points and...

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