MINI MAG 2-AA Flashlight


Until its inception, no flashlight of this size incorporated the features, functions, and unique design elements of the Mini Maglite® AA flashlight. Now it is an icon of classic American design, and famous around the world for its brightness,...

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Princeton Tec AMP Flashlights


The Princeton Tec AMP Series of Flashlights give you pure white light in a compact and rugged Xylex housing. The impressive brightness is courtesy of the latest Nichia Ultrabright LEDs. Combine this with a regulated circuit which provides constant...

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Princeton Tec Impulse Light


The Princeton Tec Impulse Pin Light is the ultimate personal multi-task light that's available and it is UL® Class 1, Division 2 approved! Don’t let its size fool you – the tiny Impulse is jam-packed with big features! Powered by 2...

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Wind 'N Go Self Generating Flashlight


Just wind it up! Dynamo charging system means never having to replace a battery. 3 LED flashlight operates on high or low, focused lens concentrates the beam of light for maximum output, cell phone charger, wrist strap, AC/DC input (adapter sold...

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LEGO City Torches (Flashlights) for Kids


For fun, safety... for tent or trail! This Lego light has is ruggedly design. It includes two white LEDs -one in each rotatable leg, and 3 replaceable AA batteries. Push chest switch for ON, then again for OFF. Legs, arm, and head are posable. Available...

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