Ice & Snow Cleats

YakTrax Walker Snow & Ice Cleats


The original Yaktrax design, Yaktrax Walker is a lightweight and easy to use ice-traction device. Perfect for everyday use for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly or anyone who wants greater stability on ice and snow. The Yaktrax Walker reduces...

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STABILicers Maxx Replacement Cleats


These replaceable cleats for STABILicers Maxx. 50 Replaceable heat-treated steel cleats reassure long-term durability, performance and value. Or you can purchase for a bit more money STABILicer's brass cleats which are softer and non-sparking;...

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YakTrax PRO Snow & Ice Cleats


  Industrial strength snow & ice cleats. Helps Reduce the Risk of Falls & Injuries Easy on/of and ultralight and spikeless design. Can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit. Weight:...

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DueNorth All Purpose - Snow & Ice Traction


DueNorth All-Purpose Traction System for all winter conditions, all footwear, all outdoor activity. Designed for people who want more stability and confidence on ice and snow. The All Purpose is ideal for anyone who walks, runs or works outdoors, no...

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Liberty Mountain Slide Stopper Cleats


Liberty Mountain Slide Stopper Cleats, a simple, economical, universal traction device. You can quickly attach them to any footwear via a rugged nylon strap and quick release buckle. Comes in a pack of two.   Key Features: Perfect for any...

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Stabilicers Run Ice & Snow Cleats


STABILicers RUN were developed for the serious sports enthusiasts. 32North knows you won’t let winter stop you, so they've designed a product that can help you enjoy it with a little less risk. Whether you're hiking an icy trail, going for a winter...

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DueNorth Everyday G3 - Traction


The versatile DueNorth Everyday Traction System is ideal for casual, dress or athletic footwear, and is economically priced. It performs very well during reoccurring freeze cycles. The low-profile fit means the product is nearly invisible on your shoe...

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DueNorth Ice Diamond Spikes


DueNorth Ice Diamond Spikes, made with tungsten carbide, are placed in a 360-degree pattern to provide more push-off and lateral grip, and work independently to provide outstanding traction on ice and packed snow. The innovative Ice Diamond tungsten...

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Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System


The Kahtoola MICROspikes® Traction System allows anyone of any age to get out and enjoy most any condition. Since there are no special straps, you can simply put your Kahtoola MICROspikes® Traction System in your pocket, purse or backpack and go...

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