Customer Testimonials Testimonials
(Unsolicited Feedback)
"Wow! You folks are amazing! Great customer service. Brian took the time to answer all of my questions on the phone and then I needed to "chat" online as I had one more question. Once again it was Brian and he was amazingly helpful.  My daughter is attending sleep away camp for the first time and I wanted her to feel comfortable about keeping all of her stuff in one place as they pretty much live out of their trunks while at camp. Based on Brian's feedback and recommendations I was able to place an order for a trunk that exceeded my expectations and my daughter, who didn't take much interest in the trunk other than the color (probably the most important feature for a child), was very excited when it arrived. The trunk arrived very quickly within 5 days. I placed an order on April 4th and it arrived on April 9th. If anyone asks me where to order stuff for camp without hesitation I will refer them to CampBound! Thanks again!"  Donna, MA

"Hi  I want to thank you again for the great great service you've given me.  My ground cover arrived yesterday and is already in my pack.  I ordered that same ground cover from Big Agnes directly and were told they were out of stock.  Second I ordered from REI, and again they were out of stock.  Then I found CampBound off of the Internet and somehow you located one.  You are good!!!  Again, thank you and I hope to do business with you again soon."  Bev, NC

"I want to give a huge thanks, especially to Brian, for going way above and beyond to get my daughter her Rhino trunk in purple (!) on a ridiculous deadline after my initial order with another company was going to come too late (despite paying them 2nd day air fees). The fact that you were able to get Rhino to actually BUILD a trunk for my daughter to her perfect hopes, and then get it sent ground by UPS in 3 days so I did not have to pay spectacularly high shipping cost is astounding. I dropped her at Camp Alleghany today for her fifth summer and she was so excited and so happy to have a new trunk like the other girls--and in The Color (smile). Her tentmates--and her favorite junior counselor--were jealous. Let me know if there is a customer website where I can post a positive review."  Jennifer, FL

"Wow! great service! And i love your story! I will order them right now. THANKS!!" Melissa, NY



"Great...thank you so much for your awesome customer service!"  John, IL

"Thank you! Just placed my order and added a $5.00 donation because of your excellent customer service." Diane, TX

"I'm very pleased with your customer service!!  If I need anything else in the future I'll be ordering from you for sure."  Ann, NY
"You guys are awesome. Will be doing more business with you guys for sure!  You guys rock!  Mark, TN

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for getting the trunk to me ASAP! It is good as you said it would be and way better than we even thought. Moving my daughter in to college with the trunk was extremely easy especially with the wheels. The size is perfect it fits right in her closet.  Thank you again and we will be ordering another trunk for my other daughter in the near future from Camp Bound!"  Kevin, VA

"Musette...thank you for all the communication and assistance getting the return filled... nice personal touch with some outstanding customer service!"  Ken, NY

"WOW, your good at fast response now I feel really guilty by not choosing you, but I will when I need another one (footlocker) in two years (another grandson off to college)"

"I’m very impressed with your company- this is our first time at “camp”, and you’ve made the whole process very straightforward." Heather, TX

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRIAN!  What a pleasure to deal with your company.  Glad I found you guys!"  Judith, CA


"Thank you for your prompt responses. It is nice to know that some people rally care about running their business well."  Paul, IL

"Thanks again Brian for your help and excellent customer service.  I would definately do business with you again in the future and have no reservations about referring to family and friends."  Renee, NC
I was overwhelmed by your generosity in researching this problem for us, even to the extent of referring us to other retailers!  This is the most incredible customer service we have received in a long, long time. We chose to go with your infinity set and subsequently ordered another $100 worth of stuff!  You can be guaranteed that we will continue shopping with! Thanks for the help! Beth, NY
"Thanks for all your help! We got the labels and everything is great! We appreciate your prompt processing of our order and will recommend you to others!"  Jody, NY
"I sincerely appreciate the quick response and helpful info. By doing so, you just won yourself a customer" Mark, NC
"Hi- Just wanted to let you know that I got my labels today -- thanks for the fast service!  I'll keep you guys in mind for other camping needs....."  Susan, FL
"First time ordering - very happy with products and time of delivery.  Have already told many about CB (CampBound) and will continue to do so.  Thank you for getting items to me by date needed, and for the quality.  Everything was great and I will keep CB in my list of favorites and share with others along the way.  Great job CB!"  Debbie, FL
"Wow, what a great company!  I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your service and quality.  I ordered iron-on name labels on Monday and received them today (Thursday). Thank you, THANK YOU so much!!!   Trunk has arrived and all is well.  Your service was excellent!!!   thank you again" Janet, CA
"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided.  You got our labels here in plenty of time and the labels work great. I ran my son's water canteen through the dishwasher with the sticker and it came out looking brand new (my husband was skeptical :)  Also the Iron-ons were really easy to apply and stuck instantly.  You guys are a class act, thank you so much!"  Tracy,  MA
"I called and then appended my order and it was in the mailbox yesterday! WOW!!! What FAST service from AZ! Thanks for being so fast and sending everything I needed in one order!"  Joyce, NY
"I couldn’t ask for better service!" Linda, NC
"... thanks again for your outstanding customer service - it can make or break a business. No wonder there are so many wonderful accolades on your site!"  B, CA
"Thank you so much for such timely turnaround.  I was extremely impressed with your rapid response.  I will certainly keep your website in mind for future needs.  Thank you again"  Stephaine, NC

"I'm not much for testimonials, but I have to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I ordered iron-on labels on Tuesday and got them on Friday. When I e-mailed about shipping times, I got a reply the next morning. It's a refreshing change to encounter polite, efficient, helpful service in this day and age. Thank you so much."  NY

"Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my inquire."  Lynn, NY
"WOW! That was fast service.   :)"  Tara, GA
"Thanks you so much for getting this out so quickly. You guys are terrific." Wendy, SC
"Appreciate your help -- and the incredibly fast personal service!" Mary, TX
"Thank you so much!!! I willkeep using your company!!" Cindy, N
"You do a great job communicating with people and I would definitely order from your company again. Best wishes."  Cecilia, MA
"I really appreciate all of your correspondence. Great customer service!!" Wendy, CA 
"Thank you for your kindness and consideration.  I know of no other company that gives the kind of trust and service that you give.  I will make it my mission in life to pass your company's name along to everyone.  May your sales increase by a "million"!"  Lillian, NY
"Thanks for your quick response and handling of this. I will recommend you to others."  Vivian, CA 
"Thank you so very much for getting this out to me so quickly!!!!" Vicki, TX
"Thank you. I appreciate your fine work." MA
"Thanks for the prompt service. Your Customer Service is impeccable!" Steve, GA
"Thanks so much! I appreciate your customer service." Kathryn, CA
"Thank you so much.  My experiences with your company have been outstanding.  We have been passing your name on to others."  Mary, NY
"I truly appreciate your customer service and quick response."Sharon, CA
"Thank you for all the help. I realy appreciate the support you provided.  I have got my order today and I am very happy with it."  Simona, CA
"Thanks much for the attentive and prompt service.  Unfortunately, so rare these days."  Loreta, PA  
"Thank you.  I am so happy I found your website!" Amy, Wisconsin 
"I placed my order earlier this morning, and I was just notified my order has already shipped!  WOW!  If this is the service you provide, I'm hooked.  Hopefully the products you sell will be as exceptional as your service.  I am calling two friends right now to give them your
web site information." Beth, South Carolina
"i really appreciate the fast response to my email regarding this (shower) enclosure.  i had two other websites i was considering purchasing this item from but because of your quick reply you earned my business...not to mention you had the lowest price.  Great service and low prices....thank you so much." Jared, Illinois
"Thank You for for fast reply and courtesy. I certainly appreciate it. Unfortunating I ended up bidding and & purchasing it from another seller. I will save your internet address and look for additional items as needed. Your fast response and couretesy in honoring the old sales price says alot about you as a retailer. I want to be a customer of retailers that have good customer service and show courtesy to their customers as you have shown me. Best Regards" Fred
"Thank you for the response. I appreciate your customer service.  We look forward to receiving the order." Amy, Florida
"You've been a pleasure to work with. Have a good weekend"  Lauren, Florida
"WOW, Brian.  I am, so far, immensely impressed with your website and service!!  I've never ordered from CampBound before, in fact, never heard of it.  I just googled 'nalgene water bottles' and you had the best variety, prices, and easy to navigate site.   I will pass this on to friends and family......Thanks again."  Clare, New York
"Wonderful Service" Barbara, Utah
"Ansewred my stock question email in less than 20 minutes. KUDOS!" Richard, California
"Thanks for your prompt attention. I'll definitely recommend your site & shop with you again." Vanessa, South Carolina
"Thanks so much--you are incredible to work with."  Meghan, Ohio
"Thanks for the super quick response. I have placed the order and I again thank you for the quick response." Richard, California
"Thanks for the kind and timely response. I am so impressed with you all and can't wait to do business with you again."  Sara, Florida
"Thank you for  your prompt response."  John, Georgia
"Thank you so much...I really appreciate the correspondence. This is the first time I have used you folks and certainly won't be the last.  Great way to do business and word travels fast of great service! Thank you for turning this problem (backordered item) around into a pleasant experience. Have a great weekend and I look forward to doing business with you again!"  Sara, New Hampshire
"Thanks for following up!"  Barbara, Texas
"WOW, thanks for the quick turn around time, Much appreciated" Tiffany, New York
"Thank you so much!" Karen, California
"Thanks for the great customer service!" Kay, California
"Many thanks...what a great regards" Becky, New York"Thank you very much for your quick action you have earned my lifetime loyalty see you next year for all my camping needs. Thanks"  Ken, Florida"Thank you so much for all of your help." Nanci, Georgia"Thanks! Glad I discovered your site!"  Heather, Florida"Great website!!!"  Lani, Colorado"Thank you for your prompt response! You have great customer service." Catherine, Louisiana"We received our order really fast.  Thank you!" Teri, Texas"Thanks for the prompt follow-up!" Lani, Colorado
"Thank you for your help.This is a huge job for us, and I am thankful our company was able to hook up with your company because it is great to work with another company that moves quickly and professionally." Jerry, Georgia
".....By the way...Great site!" Todd, New York
"Thanks for your help & responsiveness." Joyce, Massachusetts
"I received the box and everything in it is perfect.  Thank you so much.  My grandsons will love their gifts....the happy campers that they are.... :-)  I will be ordering again from you guys.  Tina, Arizona
Custom Printed Nalgene Water Bottles Feedback: "Hi Brian, I just received the bottles about an hour ago and they look incredible. Thanks so much for your help!  Once again, thanks for the outstanding service. It's been a pleasure working with you and I will definitley recommend you to other fraternities,sororities, and clubs here at A&M!" Colby, Texas
"Thanks so much for your promp attention.... Thanks again- I'll recommend your company to others!  Kim, Georgia
"I thank you for taking care of this order.  I will do bussiness with your company in the future."  Amy, Nebraska
"Dear Brian...Thanks for such great service. I've talked up your site to many and plan to visit again! Thanks again!"  Taylor, Colorado
"Wow.  Thanks for the great service.  We'll be back for more!"  Liz, Connecticut
"Thanks for the great service." Ann, Indiana
"Thank you, Glad I found you online. I'll use you next year to buy all my daughters stuff for camp"  John, Florida
"I just wanted to say thank you very, very, very much for sending that out priority mail, I did get the item in time and I really appreciate you doing that, and will be very happy to recommend your company to everyone I know.  Thank you very much I appreciate it."  Anna, South Carolina
"Thanks so much for your kind efforts.  We'll be sure to keep you folks in mind when we make our next purchase."  Selig, New Jersey
"I found these (Happy Camper Wristband), ordered one, and love it! i just thought i would pass it on so if you want to, you can have it by camp starting time (which is in 5 days for me WAHOO!!!! ) they ship them for free. I ordered 3 and got one free. It took like a day and a half. Really great place."   Brassy, ACA (American Camping Association) Message Board
"Just wanted to let you know we received the trunks and they were just what we needed. In fact, we would like to order one more. Thanks again"   Renee P., New York
"Brian, Thank you so much for the quick shipment and the replacement bag- It is perfect! Thanks for the great customer service!"    Rachael, Florida
"Thank you so much for your quick response to my e-mail.  It is always a pleasure to come across a company that helps."  Johnna, Connecticut